The five most beautiful squares of the city of Palermo

Squares of PalermoThe discovery tours of the city of Palermo are as many as its doors, it’s markets and its historic neighborhoods. Or as its many squares, where there are some of the most important monuments of the city. And visit the most beautiful squares in Palermo is another way to immerse yourself in this great and always different city.


Piazza Pretoria – Speaking of the most beautiful squares in Italy, this is always present. Piazza Pretoria is a little urban gem in the full mannerist style, near Kalsa. The most important element of the square is the famous Pretoria fountain, which occupies most of its surface. For the nudity of the statues of the fountain, in the nineteenth century was given the nickname of “Piazza of shame”.


Quattro Canti – It is located near Piazza Pretoria. Also known as Piazza Vigliena, Ottagono del sole (Sun Octagon) or Teatro del sole (Sun Theatre), its characteristic is to have a perfectly octagonal shape: the square is made up of four buildings that are identical, located to the four cardinal points. Along with Piazza Pretoria, Quattro Canti is a stage in any itinerary to visit Palermo in a day.


Piazza Bellini – Two of the most important churches of Palermo overlook on this square: the church called Martorana, one of the most fascinating Byzantine churches of Sicily, testimony of the Orthodox in Italy; the church of San Cataldo, whose architecture has clear references to Arab culture.


Piazza Indipendenza – Palazzo dei Normanni with the splendid Cappella Palatina are located here. Piazza Indipendenza is one of the most important of Palermo, opens beyond the old city walls. Other important buildings are Palazzo d’Orleans and the church of Madonna dei Rimedi.


Piazza Castelnuovo – The fifth of the most beautiful squares in Palermo. It takes its name from the statue of Carlo Cottone, Prince of Castelnuovo, located in the center of the square. It is also known by the name of Piazza Politeama, because here is the famous theater Politeama.


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