Catania tango festival 2015: the most beautiful in the whole Sicily

  • Published: 3-07-2015
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tango festival in Sicily 2015

Is Catania the destination of your next holiday? And, in addition to this, is tango your great passion? If so, you have chosen the right destination for your journey. In fact, from August 8 to 16, the best tango festival of the whole Sicily will take place here: it’s Catania tango festival 2015.


The program of Catania tango festival 2015

  • August 8, Saturday: Milonguita de la tarde (Romano Palace – Sala Syrah)
  • August 8, Saturday: Milonga de Inauguración (Lido Azzurro “La Plaza”)
  • August 9, Sunday: La milonga del mar I – Tango en vivo “Ensemble Mariposa” (Lido Azzurro “La Plaza”)
  • August 10, Monday: La milonga del mar II – Tango en vivo “Ensemble Mariposa” (Lido Azzurro “La Plaza”)
  • August 11, Tuesday: BAILE de BIENVENIDA (Lido Azzurro “La Plaza”)
  • August 12, Wednesday: Milonga de los Maestros (Lido Azzurro “La Plaza”)
  • August 13, Thursday: TangoInGarden (Hotel Romano Palace)
  • August 13, Thursday: Tango Context (Lido Azzurro “La Plaza”)
  • August 13, Thursday: Milonga del Mar III (Lido Azzurro “La Plaza”)
  • August 14, Friday: TangoInGarden (Hotel Romano Palace)
  • August 14, Friday: Milonga de los Maestros (Palazzo Biscari)
  • August 14, Friday: Notte di ferragosto no limits – Alba sul mare! (Lido Azzurro “La battigia”)
  • August 15, Saturday: TangoInPalace (Palazzo Biscari)
  • August 15, Saturday: Milonga de los Maestros (Lido Azzurro – “La Plaza”)
  • August 16, Sunday: TangoInGarden (Hotel Romano Palace)
  • August 16, Sunday: Milonga de despedida (Lido Azzurro – “La Plaza”)


Tango masters who will perform

Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez – Erica Boaglio and Adrian Aragon – Gisela Natoli and Gustavo Rosas – Lucila Cionci and Joe Corbata – Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza – Donatella and Angelo Grasso.


More information

For more information about Catania tango festival 2015 (complete program, how to join, any changes in dates and times, how to get there), you can visit the official website of the event,


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