Thematic itineraries in Sicily: the fascination of the ancient wrecks

thematic itineraries Sicily: underwater archeology

The main reason why people want to spend their holidays in Sicily is the sea. But maybe you don’t know that the sea of Sicily conserves inestimable archeological treasures. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner diver, these thematic itineraries will let you discover and admire these underwater treasures.

  1. Capo Grosso (Levanzo) – An ancient Roman port for the ships that won against the Carthaginian fleet. On the sea bottom there are still parts of anchors.
  2. Cala Minnola (Levanzo) – Parts of the anchor made of lead and numerous amphora of this wreck are still visible.
  3. Cala Gadir (Pantelleria) – Amphora and ceramic, pieces of wood of an ancient hull, and a piece of the leaden anchor. There are numerous diving centers in the zone.
  4. Punta Li Marsi and Punta Tre Pietre (Pantelleria) –  A big concentration of anchors, both old and modern, made of metal or stone, recumbent on the sea bottom of these two points.
  5. Cala Tramontana (Pantelleria) Punic and Italian-Greek amphora, lithic anchors, a piece of anchor made of stone, a grinder and pieces of ceramic.
  6. Punta Falconiera (Ustica) and Basiluzzo (Panarea) – These are two historic-naturalistic itineraries.
  7. Scopello (Castellammare del Golfo) – Numerous archeological finds are near its sea stacks.
  8. Secca di Capo Graziano (Filicudi) – An interesting underwater museum, not so far from the shallows.
  9. Area marina protetta isola dei Ciclopi (Aci Castello) – This dive site is near the famous Faraglioni dei Ciclopi.

For more information about these “archeological dive sites” in the sea of Sicily, visit the official webpage of the Regional department of cultural heritage and Sicilian identity (Assessorato regionale dei beni culturali e dell’identità siciliana).

Now you just have one thing to do: book your trip by one of the ferries to Sicily.


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