Thematic itineraries in Sicily: three paths to discover the salt road

Thematic Itineraries Sicily salt roads

Sicily never stops to amaze. Every part of it is like a little world to discover. And it’s a destination that offers numerous thematic itineraries. As this, three paths that will guide you along the salt road.

  1. Salt museum of Nubia (Trapani) – The first phase of this touristic itinerary is the salt Museum of Nubia, where all the phases of the production of the salt are illustrated and explained, preserving the memory of this old  profession that was handed down, as a sort of ritual, from father to son. To reach the museum, you have to take the coastal road SP 21 to Marsala.
  2. Ettore and Infersa salt Museum (Marsala) – Driving along the SP 21 you can see the most spectacular salt pans, which are in the Stagnone area. Then you arrive at the Ettore and Infersa salt Museum: these two men restored an old mill which was unused for almost half-century. An indispensable instrument for the milling of salt. It’s a sort of “Dutch” landscape.
  3. The salt pan of Ciane’s flume (Syracuse) – If the first two places were on the west coast of Sicily, this is in the east side. A few kilometers from Syracuse there’s the Ciane-Saline reserve. The salt pans, now abandoned, are at the mouth of the river.


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