Wellness holiday in Sicily: the thermal baths of Sciacca

There is nothing but the embarrassment of choice, to spend a wellness holiday in Sicily. It is here that the most ancient spas in Sicily are located with some of the renowned thermal baths in Italy, real oasis of relaxation with thermal pools, bathrooms, showers and thermal mud baths, therapeutic massages and advanced curative treatments. Today we discover one of the most important thermal parks in Sicily: The thermal baths of Sciacca.


The thermal baths

The baths of Sciacca are known and appreciated since the ancient Greeks and, still today, are one of the Spas of excellence in Italy in the field of rehabilitation therapies, healing and wellness treatments. The legend wants to have been discovered by Daedalus after his escape from Crete, but the Romans were among the first to exploit the thermal waters. Today, the spa complex of SCIACCA includes four structures: the new terme plant, the Molinelli swimming pool complex, the S. Calogero Stoves Plant and the ancient spas in the valley of the baths. What makes the baths of Sciacca so important are the outcroppings fluffy in the caves of S. Calogero, also called “stoves”, within which the vapours reach almost 40 ° of temperature and are exploited for the treatment of the respiratory tract. But the baths of Sciacca also exploit the therapeutic properties of the different outcrops of sulphurous water for the treatment of skin diseases.


How to get there

Sciacca is one of the most important tourist and seaside resorts in the province of Agrigento and Sicily. To reach the Baths of Sciacca:

  • from Palermo – take the A29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo motorway, exit at Castelvetrano, then merge onto the state road 114 towards Acireale;
  • from Trapani – from the Castelvetrano South exit of the Trapani-Mazara del Vallo motorway, head towards Agrigento on the 115 State Road to the Sciacca junction.


More information

For more information (opening hours, entrance fees, treatments offered) to spend a wellness stay at the Terme di Sciacca, you can consult the official website of the Baths of Sciacca.

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