Valentine’s Day 2016 in Sicily: 4 ideas for your romantic vacation

  • Published: 8-01-2016
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Valentine’s Day 2016 in Sicily

You want to spend a romantic vacation with your better half: what better time than Valentine’s Day to enjoy a trip dedicated solely to love? Above all, what better destination than Sicily?


1. Romantic Palermo

If we’re talking about romantic places, Palermo is second to none. Especially the part between Piazza Marina, via Trinacria and Via Empedocle Restivo: narrow, intimate streets with small and quaint restaurants where you can enjoy a pleasant candlelight dinner.

And if you are looking for wonderful views, walking along the Rufuliata path you can reach the top of Monte Pellegrino: from here you can admire the spectacle of the Gulf of Palermo and of the Gulf of Mondello.


2. Ski holidays

Can you really imagine a most romantic vacation? The whiteness of the snow that blankets everything, nature, a small fireplace in a mountain lodge… Not far from the sea. Not everyone knows that you can even ski in Sicily, on the slopes of Etna.

With one difference from the alpine destinations: half an hour at most by car and you will be near the sea.


3. Romantic Catania

On one side there is the imposing Etna. On the other side there is one of the most beautiful parts of Sicilian coast. In between, there is Catania, a city that will give you exquisitely romantic sceneries. Such as the gardens of Villa Bellini. Or such as the Stacks of the Cyclops.


4. Taormina

Its name is enough to evoke the charm of history and the romantic beauty of the sea. In other words, an ideal place to spend Valentine’s Day in Sicily. The romantic places of Taormina are several. But there is one place you should never lose: it is the beach of Isola Bella.


The idea to spend Valentine’s Day 2016 in Sicily are these. And now you only need to book the trip.


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