Vittoria Jazz Festival 2017: a holiday in Sicily with music

  • Published: 21-04-2017
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vittoria-jazz-festival-edition-2017Jazz passion! An unmissable date awaits you in Sicily. From 18 to 26 June will take place the Vittoria Jazz Festival 2017. If you are spending your holiday in these places or you want find a reason to visit the beautiful Sicilian land, you have to choose Vittoria. 9 days of music, rhythm, esibitions live and international artists are awaiting you, in a very suggestive framework.


The program of 2017

  • Saturday 18. Conturband at 20:15 (Via Cavour); Rick Margitza 4et at 22 (Piazza Enriquez)
  • Sunday 19. Giacomo Tantillo 4et at 11:30 Teatro comunale; Jesper Bodilsen feat. Joe Barbieri at 22 (Piazza Enriquez)
  • Monday 20. Nello Toscano/Claudio Cusmano 4et at 18 (Piazza Unità), Mauro Schiavone Trio at 22 (Piazza Enriquez)
  • Tuesday  21. Vittoria Rotary Jazz Award – Semifinal at 17 (Cortile Palazzo Iacono)
  • Wednesday 22. Vittoria Rotary Jazz Award – Final at 21 (Piazza Enriquez)
  • Thursday 23. Giovanni Digiacomo at 18 (Chiostro del Convento delle Grazie); Pablo Held Trio feat. Christof Lauer at 22 (Piazza Enriquez)
  • Friday 24. Francesco Cafiso Duo at 18 (Chiesa S. Antonio Abate); David Pastor at 22 (Piazza Enriquez)
  • Saturday 25. Claudio Giambruno 4et feat. Daniele Spalletta at 11:30 (Teatro Comunale) Conturband at 20:15 (Via Cavour); Chris Cheek 5et at 22 (Piazza Enriquez)
  • Sunday 26. Conturband at 10:30 (Via Cavour); Francesco Cafiso 9et at 22 (Piazza Enriquez)


How to get

The port of Catania is the closest. When you will arrive, you can reach Ragusa by ca, taking the provincial street  194 and then the street 154. Here, you have to take the provincial streets 13 and the 18, to reach Vittoria.

Further information

For further information about the Vittoria Jazz Festival 2017 (timetable, location, changes of dates) you can visit the official website of the event

What are you waiting for then? Book your ferry to Sicily. And your beautiful holiday with music will be closest!


Source image: Pixabay

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