What to see in Messina and surroundings: for a journey of 5 days

Messina and surroundings what to see

Visiting Sicily, especially the eastern coast, is the goal of your next trip. And you have also chosen the city where you will reside. Now you just have to make the best of the days you have available. Following this itinerary with things to see in Messina and the surrounding area.

It’s a five-day itinerary so you can see not only the attractions of Messina but also those of the main inhabited towns in the area. To follow this itinerary, it’s advisable to board a car or a motorbike on the ferry, as it would be preferable to move on its own.


First day: the main attractions of Messina

The starting point of this itinerary as well as of the arrival of the trip is of course the city of Messina. During the first twenty-four hours you will dedicate it to the city’s main attractions on the Strait. Here’s what to see in Messina in one day:

  • Republic square;
  • Viale San Martino;
  • Piazza Cairoli;
  • Piazza Duomo;
  • Church of Carmine;
  • Piazza Duomo;
  • Astronomic watch;
  • Church of the Catalans;
  • Orion Fountain.

During this first day, you will certainly walk a lot. In the evening, refresh yourself in one of the restaurants in the city where you will taste the typical Messina dishes, like caponata and pasta with sardines.


Second day: the castles

The town on the Strait offers many tourist itineraries. For the second day there would be one particularly rich in charm and suggestions. What we are talking about is the itinerary that will let you discover in five stages the castles of Messina:

  • Castel Gonzaga;
  • Citadel;
  • Rocca Guelfonia;
  • Forte San Salvatore;
  • Lanterna San Ranieri.


Third day: Milazzo

You will leave the city of Messina and you will begin to discover the surroundings. And you will do it visiting a destination divided between historical and cultural attractions and nature. In Milazzo you can see many interesting things like the new Duomo and the castle of Federico II. From Messina, it takes about half an hour’s drive to Milazzo.


Fourth day: Taormina

Even from Messina to Taormina the distance is short, it takes about half an hour drive, no more. And in this case you will also be lucky enough to discover one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. The itinerary with things to see in Taormina in one day is this:

  • Greek Theatre;
  • Isola Bella Beach;
  • Square IX April;
  • Duomo;
  • Corso Umberto;
  • Public gardens.


Fifth day: Giardini-Naxos

Our tips with things to see in Messina and the surrounding area end with the fifth day of your trip. And with the beach of Giardini-Naxos, where to spend a day dedicated to the most relaxed.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/gnuckx

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