The pearl of Mediterranean sea: where is Taormina and the things to see

where is Taormina Sicily

It’s the first time you visit Sicily. While you’re creating your travel itinerary, you have heard or read this name. Not surprising, considering that it is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. Maybe, you have sees some pictures of this (wonderful) town. And now you want to know: where is Taormina?

We will tell you not only where it is, but we will also give you several good reasons to visit the pearl of the Mediterranean sea.



The pearl of the Mediterranean sea is located on the coast between Catania and Messina. The reasons why Taormina is so famous? They could be several. And you could discover them thanks to this itinerary to visit Taormina in one day. The stages are:

  • teatro greco
  • spiaggia di Isola Bella
  • piazza IX aprile
  • duomo
  • corso Umberto

You will walk a lot. And you will surely be hungry. Since Taormina is in the province of Messina, you can taste the typical dishes of this part of Sicily: specialties such as pidone, focaccia alla messinese and pasta ‘ncaciata.


…and surroundings

Taormina can be visited in one day. But the holiday is certainly not over. Because there are so many other places to see in the surroundings of the pearl of the Mediterranean sea. Etna, if you’re hikers. Or Messina and Catania, if you want to discover two great cities, places that are rich in history, art and culture.


Don’t forge the beaches

Taormina is beautiful to see throughout the year. If, however, your vacation will be in Summer, you may see some of the most beautiful beaches of eastern Sicily: in addition to spiaggia di Isola Bella, there are Calamosche, Punta Sezza, Isola delle Correnti and San Lorenzo.


How to get there

Now that you know where it is, we need to say how to get to Taormina. The two main tourist ports near Taormina are Catania and Messina.

  • In both cases, take A18 motorway and follow the road signs to Taormina.
  • From Catania, the journey by car takes 50 minutes. From Messina, the journey by car takes one hour and 15 minutes.


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