Cala degli Zimmari: welcome to one of the most beautiful beaches of Panarea

Zimmari beach

If, on vacation, you want only sea, sun and relaxation, the beaches of Panarea, island of the Aeolian archipelago, can offer you exactly what you desire. In particular, one of the most beautiful beaches, a real jewel in the jagged coast of the island, is cala degli Zimmari.

  • The beach. Take a look at the photo. Cala degli Zimmari is characterized by the red colour of the sand and, in fact, it is also known as Spiaggia Rossa (“Red Beach”). The sand is touched by a charming blue and crystal clear sea.
  • Tips. The beach doesn’t offer many services, so it’s better to take with you everything you may need to spend the day. Especially in summer, cala degli Zimmari is always very crowded. The best time to enjoy this small beach is early in the morning, when the crowds of tourists have not arrived yet and the sea offers all its beauty.
  • How to get there. Getting to cala degli Zimmari beach is easy and, if you want, you can do it on foot. From the village of Panarea, you just have to take the road that leads towards south. Passed the village of San Pietro, the Drauto small bay and punta Torrione (a promontory), you’ll find the road signs to the beach. On foot, it takes less than thirty minutes.


Image source: GFDL,

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